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In the global markets of today: system, product, and process issues can present very real and lasting negative affects on the customer-supplier relationships for manufacturers. SQS Automotive Inc. is a strong and effective means in the added support of your communications and production systems.

Our Mission

The Mission of SQS Automotive Inc. is to provide real world quality solutions with our inspection, rework, and light manufacturing teams, as well as the necessary support and leadership for those strained customer-supplier relationships through direct representation on-site at your customer, or through detailed follow-up / management of your problem supplier. SQS couples this support with our broad base of consulting / ISO based inspection experience, and we provide our customers with an effective means of improving their customer-supplier issues from door to door, country to country, and beyond.

Company Profile

The SQS Automotive locations in St. Marys and Wapakoneta, OH enhance our ability to service our customer’s needs in the development of customer support networks for the Detroit Area, as well as the global locations that are linked through those customer and supplier chains. SQS's strategic location in the "Crossroads of Ohio" allow for a broad and essential means of connecting the global manufacturing communities.

Contact Information

SQS Automotive Inc. possesses an inherent passion and integrity with the positive role we take in the development and support of the ever growing global manufacturing communities of today. We can provide you with an SQS Automotive Pricing Detail that will allow you to see how SQS can become an economical partner in your Quality Team. After reviewing this information, please feel free to contact myself or any of the SQS Team with your questions or comments. Thank you for your time.


Audra A. Sutton



Matthew M. Miller

General Manager